Backyard Composting Supplies

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Kitchen Pail

Collect food scraps for easy transfer to your compost bin.

Lobster trap composter

Lobster Trap Composter

Available in both a 3 and 4 foot size. Ideal for grass clippings, leaves, garden and food scraps. Comes with rings to assemble. Hog ring pliers are also available to order. MADE IN MAINE.

Rain Barrell

Rain Barrel

55 gallon capacity, collects rain water for your garden.

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Compost Cart

40 Liter wheeled cart for storing food scraps. Perfect for Transfer Station composting programs.



Use this handy tool to turn your compost.


Earth Machine

80 gallon composting bin that converts, grass, leaves, and table scraps into an abundant supply of rich garden soil.


REOTEMP Thermometer

Designed with a 20 inch stem this device is perfect for monitoring the interior temperature of your compost.

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Recycling Containers and Carts

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Recycling Carts

Easy handling curbside cart comes in 35, 64, 96 gallon sizes. Carts have excellent balance and stability. They are available in various colors.

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Recycling Bin

18 gallon curbside recycler for paper, cans, glass, plastics, etc. Holds up to 80 pounds, and allows for drainage of any liquids.


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Make checks payable to MRRA,

OR call 207-355-3104 to pay with your credit card

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